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  • 10 December 2020

In the 21st century, you have to be quick to adapt. That includes the latest technologies and trends. 

When the internet became more available to the public in the 90s, casinos ventured into the online world. When mobile gaming started to significantly rise, online casinos started to make their websites mobile-friendly and many eventually released their apps.

This is why it’s not surprising that online casinos also hopped into the world of online streaming when it became popular. When talking about online streaming, what may immediately pop into one’s mind are game streamers. This is mainly because there are now thousands of them out there on different platforms like YouTube and Twitch. 

E-sports are equal to game streaming. 

Professional tournaments like DOTA and League of Legends were streamed live online for fans to enjoy and maybe even learn from the pros. It didn’t take long before non-professionals figured out that they can stream the games that they play as well. 

When game streaming started, there weren’t a lot of people to follow. However, today, people can be easily overwhelmed with the number of people who are streaming their games online. You just have to pick your favorite list. 

When live streaming games became a hit, businesses have seen its potential and figured that it could be a great way to promote their products and services. This is mainly why many of the popular streamers out there can make a living off online streaming. 

People can stream any game nowadays. While this isn’t as popular as mainstream game streamers, the online casino streaming community is still getting bigger each year. Staying true to its reputation, the gambling industry is quick to jump into the scene. 

Big online casinos would now scout for casino game streamers with enough viewers to sponsor.We’re unsure what these casinos offer popular streamers but they most likely pay these streamers per hour or stream. What these streamers have to do is to play on their casino site and invite the viewers to do the same by using exclusive promo codes.  

How much a casino would pay a streamer will mainly depend on how much engagement they get through the streamer. 

Still, it’s a win-win situation because the casino can then get new customers and the streamer would then get paid for every person who signs up with the exclusive code. Another advantage of using streaming platforms for the casino is that they don’t have to pay as much as they would for advertising their services elsewhere. 

Casino game streamers are accused that they are only using fake money to play at online casinos. Well, there were a few incidents back then when a streamer was caught playing with non-withdrawable funds. The unnamed casino streamer who wrote the article said that still, it doesn’t mean that all casino streamers are doing this. 

Today, the online casino game streaming community is still not as big as the mainstream community. However, it’s not impossible that it would also reach that point. In 2020, many people have found a new hobby in casino gaming online because of the pandemic. With that, the online casino market is growing and more people will likely start streaming their games too moving forward. 

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